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Wilson Electronic Displays is a LED sign manufacturer based in Dayton, OH. 

We service the Miami Valley, Ohio, The United States of America, Mexico and Canada. 

We specialize in making full matrix LED displays in full color and monochrome.

We have been in business selling LED displays since 2005. 

Our custom capabilities allow us to meet your expectations when it comes to custom sizes, quality, pricing and product support.

LED display systems are the revolution in outdoor signage.

LED’s are very reliable, have low energy consumption,  and are rated to last over 100,000 hours or over 11 years!

Our modular configurations allow nearly unlimited size capabilities.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you!

Our products serve the needs of many major markets:












We also entertain all custom applications

Advantage Series

A text based LED display

Value Series

A digit LED display

Dimension Series

An indoor display up to 4 lines tall

Scoring Series

Scoreboard display

Vision Series

Live video LED display

Image Series

Text, image, and small video files

We have the capabilities to provide the best product for your project!

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LED Lights

We can choose the LED’s we use for the LED modules, including Nichea, CREE or Multicolor LED’s to name a few.

We have DIP and SMD technology.

LED lights are reliable, have low energy consumption, and are rated to last over 100,000 hours or over 11 years!


Cabinet Design

Our standard cabinets are front access.  The entire face hinges open for very easy access for servicing. 

We also use front accessible modules.  We can remove the modules from the front without having a hinged door.  By using this type of cabinet you do not have to have a cabinet border. 

Our standard front access cabinet comes with a 2.75” standard border all the way around the display area.



We use a variety of software depending on which type of sign you acquire and what the sign is being used for.  

Our standard software is our PS3 software which is mainly used with our Image Series Displays.  WZP software is typically used with our Advantage Series Displays. 

We have other custom proprietary software available for other Wilson Series Displays.  Wilson Electronic Displays can assist you with custom software if you require it.