What our clients have to say about us

Sign: Advantage Series – 14mm 24 x 112 Red Monochrome

“Our LED sign is convenient and easy to get messages and reminders out to parents.  It’s great to display what the school school’s focus is to the neighborhood.

The software system is easy to use, and the sign can be seen easily so the neighborhood is aware of what’s going on.”

-Dorian Glover, Principal

Value Series

The Wilson Value Series is designed to give you high visibility and functional ease. Light up your competition by making your numbers for your hotel or fuel service center shine. The Value Series is a safer, timlier and more effective way of displaying your pricing. The brilliance of the display will set your company apart.

We offer our Value Series in an array of sizes. Digit sizes are available from 7″ to 72″. Different color options allow you to match your company colors. We also have half sizes and nine tenths digits.

Along with our standard products in our Value Series please be reminded that we will and can accommodate your needs for custom applications. We can modify all of our products in house to assure proper fit and function in the field. Have your information seen by all and viewed by far. Purchase a Wilson Value Series display today!


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