What our clients have to say about us

Sign: Advantage Series – 14mm 24 x 112 Red Monochrome

“Our LED sign is convenient and easy to get messages and reminders out to parents.  It’s great to display what the school school’s focus is to the neighborhood.

The software system is easy to use, and the sign can be seen easily so the neighborhood is aware of what’s going on.”

-Dorian Glover, Principal

Scoring Series

Vertical Position 24 inch 5 pos

Wilson Scoring Series is our line of scoreboard products. Our first market segment we entered was the race track industry. We initially developed a line of scoring systems for the oval racing. We now provide scoring systems for numerous athletic competitions.

In addition to our scoreboards we have developed LED scoring tables for our Scoring Series. We use a high resolution LED matrix Vision Series Display to entertain, advertise and inform your audience. It is also a very functional table to be used for the scorekeepers and other game administrators.

Features and specifications available upon request.