Jumbotron in Columbus, Ohio

Are you looking to have your message to be seen by the largest audience possible? Do you want to stand out amongst the sea of visual distractions?

You’re going to need a large-scale visual display, commonly called a “jumbotron”.

What Exactly is a Jumbotron?

Originally, Jumbotron was a product line of large-screen TVs made by Sony. Introduced in the 1985 World’s Fair, these giant screens were very different from the ones seen today. For starters, the original Jumbotrons used CRT technology (like a tube TV) rather than superior LED technology. They were also lower resolution, leaving viewers with a muddier, blurrier picture.

Not to mention they didn’t have a great lifespan.

Today, jumbotron is a generic term used for any large screen display. These modern displays can offer vivid, crystal clear images for a fraction of what large-scale screens used to cost.

That doesn’t mean they’re all the same, however. If you’re investing in a jumbotron in Columbus, Ohio, you should make sure your money is well spent.

Our vision series offers superior quality in variety of options.

The Vision Series – A Better Jumbotron for Columbus, Ohio

The Vision Series is perfectly suited for large screen display needs in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. The vibrant, HD displays give you the ability to entertain, advertise, and more with ease.

jumbotron Columbus ohio

With a Vision Series display, we’ll set you up with easy-to-use software that gives you the power to change and create graphics, animations, and videos, enabling you to stream your content directly to your screen.

Since the optimal resolution is dependent on the size of the screen you have and the placement of where it will be, we offer a variety of choices.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Our team of experts has a lot of experience setting up and programming large-scale displays. We’ll make sure you get the display you need, and we’ll teach you the skills to operate it. It’s much simpler than you’d think.

You’ll be displaying big, beautiful images in no time.

Once you see your Wilson Electronics display powered up, you’ll know you chose the right jumbotron in Columbus, Ohio.

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