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Sign: Advantage Series – 14mm 24 x 112 Red Monochrome

“Our LED sign is convenient and easy to get messages and reminders out to parents.  It’s great to display what the school school’s focus is to the neighborhood.

The software system is easy to use, and the sign can be seen easily so the neighborhood is aware of what’s going on.”

-Dorian Glover, Principal

Advantage Series

Features & Specifications

The Advantage Series is our text based LED system. It will deliver the most efficient and effective way to advertise for your company and/or to communicate your events to the public. The Advantage Series is the obvious choice when looking for a new LED display or to retrofit a sign with a manual changeable reader board.

The Wilson Advantage Series is available in a wide variety of configurations to assure your message will be delivered effectively to your audience. Being modular in design and offering a wide array of resolutions we will be able to physically meet your requirements. The different monochrome colors offered will give you a clear and distinct broadcast of your information. This is a great way to get information out to your community. Stand out and be noticed!

Our Sales team is available to recommend the appropriate product for your project. Extensive engineering, craftsmanship and a friendly knowledgeable staff, in both sales and service, make the Wilson Advantage Series the one to choose.

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